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To provide better shopping experience, we encourage our customer to submit their photo/video reviews. 


You'll be given $5 store credit if your submission meet requirement below:

  1. It must be clear and good quality (not blurry)
  2. It would be even better if one can see the lens design with the eyeball.
  3. Either closed up or half body

Our staff will manually review each review submission, we'll put $5 store credit into customer account once requirements are met (within 1~2 business days)


Photo Example:

Closed up wearing Vassen Sandy Brown


Half Body wearing Vassen Jewel Gray:


Terms & conditions

  1. Must meet photo requirement listed on this page
  2. Text review only is NOT entitled to this $5 store credit
  3. One customer is limited to ONE $5 store credit every 2 months. (to prevent abuse of this program)
  4. reserve the right to make any changes or stop this program without any prior notice.
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Instagram: @gildedmooncosplay
Great purple

Super vibrant in all lighting. More of an enlarging look than expected, but not overly so.



Instagram: napalmwithnovocaine
Beautiful Shade of Green, Comfortable to Wear, Makes Your Eyes POP!!!

These are my favorite lenses. I love the way they look in photographs, they look fantastic on camera, and they're comfortable to boot!

예쁘다! 💕

Gray colored contacts from @candylensdotcom 😍 super cute and comfortable for everyday wear!

Selfie test for Cloud Strife !

Soon i will publish better photos! Quanto ci stai bene😍😍