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Top 10 Versatile Color Contacts for Halloween

by Candylens Team 03 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Halloween season is a great time to relax and have fun with neighbors, friends, and family. However, one of the most exciting yet challenging parts of this holiday is deciding what your outfit will be. So, here are 10 versatile color contacts that can provide some inspiration and help you pick a look that will certainly get tongues wagging at your next Halloween event.

Dolly Eye Gray Circle Lens

If you are a huge fan of cosplay or an anime lover, there are tons of famous characters you can style yourself as for Halloween with the dolly eye gray circle lens. For example, you could dress up as the Allen Walker from the popular anime series D-Gray Man or the quiet, reserved Yu Narukami from Persona 4.

allen walker gray eyes

Dolly Eye Blue Circle Lens

There's an endless list of movie and cartoon-inspired costume ideas you could try using the Dolly Eye Blue Circle Lens. For instance, consider being Papa Smurf, Frozen's Elsa, Uzumaki Naruto, or Timmy Turner from the acclaimed Nickelodeon animated TV show, Fairly Odd Parents.

frozen elsa blue eyes blue contact lenses

Vega Storm Yellow Cosplay Contacts

You can never go wrong with the Vega Storm Yellow Cosplay Contacts from Candylens. For your Halloween look, you can choose to be the mighty Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist, Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or any of your favorite yellow-eyed characters from Teen Wolf. The list is endless!

EOS New Adult Pink Circle Lens

Many love the Japanese cartoon Demon Slayer. So, should you decide to dress as the half-human, half-demon Nekuzo Kamado, the Adult Pink Circle Lens is an excellent choice to nail your costume and get everyone's attention at your Halloween party.

EOS Fairy Violet

The EOS Fairy Violet Contact Lens' unique color will grab headlines wherever you go, regardless of the movie or cartoon character you choose to look like for Halloween. What's even more amazing about this lens is that your options are limitless. Some popular choices for this contact lens include Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh, Lelouch of Code Geass, and Rukia of Bleach.

EOS New Adult Red Circle Lens

Whether you're going for an anime or horror movie character, you can't go wrong with the EOS New Adult Red Circle Lens. Akame from Akame Ga Kill, Tomura from My Hero Academia, and Sakuna from Jujutsu Kaisen are among the many options you could experiment with.

Vika Bright Red Cosplay Color Lenses

Showcase your feisty side with the Vika Bright Red Cosplay Color Lenses. With these contacts, you could dress up as Shinra Kusakabe from the anime TV series Fireforce or Sakuna of Jujutsu Kaisen fame. Remember: Your costume is never complete without the right color contact lenses.

Halloween White Out Crazy Lens (with prescription)

There are so many anime and movie characters you could look like with these lenses. Levi from Attack on Titan and Usui Kenta from Karin are two popular options that readily come to mind. However, the possibilities are enormous. You just have to let your mind run wild.

Hinata White Mesh/ Screen Contacts (with prescription)

If you don't mind answering a ton of questions about your inspiration for your Halloween look, then the Hinata White Mesh Contacts are an excellent fit for you. These contacts scream fun and excitement and are perfect for people who love to be adventurous with their appearance. A possible look you could try with these lenses is Hinata or her cousin Neji, from the anime TV series Naruto.

22mm Full Sclera Sabretooth Halloween Contacts

Dark eyes are a common feature in many sci-fi movies and a popular choice for a Halloween outfit. Scare your friends and neighbors by dressing up like Dean Winchester from Supernatural or Dark Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Stand Out! These 10 versatile color contact lenses let you explore your creativity during Halloween or any cosplay-themed event. The best part? You can purchase any of them at an affordable price from the Candy Lens online store. There's no need to do this Halloween with the same drab fit from last year. You can try something new with eyes that make your outfit stand out.

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