Q: How to track my order?

First of all, make sure your order status is "Fulfilled" and have your tracking number ready (please refer below on how to find your tracking number)

Then you can track your package tracking results below:

Fedex Tracking

DHL Express Tracking


Parcel Direct Tracking (DHL eCommerce)

Global Mail Tracking


Q: I am from USA, why the USPS tracking resutls always shows "Origin is Preparing Shipment"? Did you guys ever ship out my order?

Relax :) USPS tracking results is NOT updated in real-time. Although the message show "Origin is Preparing Shipment", your package already left Malaysia and heading to USA now. It is very normal you keep seeing this message until you finally receive the package. Most of the time USPS does not provide a detailed routing information. It will only inform you when your package has been delivered.

And always remember that delivery time to USA takes 15~30 working days (exclude Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday) to deliver. Please be patient and you will receive your package eventually.

Q: Where is my tracking number?

For Express Shipping (Fedex / DHL Express)

For customer who choose Express as shipping method, once your order is shipped, you'll receive the tracking number immediately by email. Email subject will be "Your order has been updated (#Order Number)". If you didn't receive the email, please double check your spam or junk mail box.

For Global Mail:

For customer who choose Global Mail as shipping method, once your order is shipped, you'll be notified by email. Email subject will be "Your order has been updated (#Order Number)". However, tracking number is not included in that email because Global Mail needs 5~7 business days to generate tracking number. In other words, once you received email notification that you order is shipped, please wait for 5~7 business days (exclude Saturday & Sunday). Then you can find your tracking number in your customer account area:

First of all, sign in your account > Click "View Order" >

View Order

then, > Click "Shipment" > You will see your tracking number then

Click Shipment

Note: Tracking results is NOT updated in real-time, and usually takes 2 weeks and above to show tracking results, this is true especially for USPS, Royal Mail and Canada Post.

* Package might delay if it was unfortunately hold by custom for checking and review.
* Candylens.com do not held any responsible for any delay during the delivery time.