Geo Xtra Bella Blue Color Contact Lens
Geo Medical Geo Xtra Bella Blue

Geo Xtra Bella Blue

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: wbs-202
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Angela Treadway (Chicago, US)
Make my brown eyes blue(ish)

Overall, these do have an enlarging effect. My light golden brown natural eye color does show through in the center, which maybe looks a little weird, and the blue not quite as intense as I was expecting. But it is a definite change for me, and since today is my first day using them, I will be interested to see if anyone notices or comments on them. “You don’t stop playing just because you get old, you get old when you stop playing.”

Make my eyes pop!

nice blue pattern, shows up very nice and very dolly looking.

Kristy Lacasse
Nice and comfy lenses

Like the vivid, dark blue color!

Veronica Tunyon
Love them 🥰

These are the first lenses I bought. I like a lot, at first maybe I may seem a little strange to myself but that's because they were the first to use and wasn't used to seeing me with another color's eyes XD Anyway, I love this lenses ^^

default_firstname default_lastname
Big and Stunning

I bought these a while back and they lasted a really long time. They were perfect for cosplay - they made my eyes look super large and slightly pixelated which is exactly what I wanted. The color is vibrant. It was odd at first because I could occasionally feel the outer edge of the lens when I would blink, but they weren't uncomfortable. My only issue is that the pupil opening is larger than I would like.

Definitely ordering these again.

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