Hana SPC Barbie Circle Black Circle Lens


 Barbie Circle Black blend quite well with your true eye color thus give you a very natural looks, moreover it bringing you the biggest 15.5mm enlarging effect.

**Hana SPC Barbie Circle Black Real Life Photo 1

Replacement Policy (defective product)

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  • Product was torn or broken in SEALED bottle
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  • Product was expired in SEALED bottle

Photo Proof is a MUST

In case of the product torn/broken/expired, customer must take a clear photo of the product as a proof in order to proceed with a replacement. Without a photo, there will be no replacement will be made. Returned defects products will be inspected thoroughly. Replacement/exchange policy is void if the products show any sign of used.  Our guarantee does not cover accidental damage or wear/tear of product cause by customer. 

All replacement lens will be ship by Registered Air Mail or Global Mail only.


Return and Exchange Policy

We can do the exchange for the UNOPENED lenses only and products condition is still re-sellable upon inspection at our side. And also with conditions below:

  • Return shipping cost is borne by customers.
  • Resend shipping cost is also borne by customers.

For the return shipping, you can choose the cheapest shipping method but must "registered" it, so that we can obtain the tracking number. And kindly wrap the lens with bubble paper for protection.

Candylens reserves the rights not to entertain any complaints file after 7 days of grace period. Other than product defection complaints will be handled as per case basis.


Cancellation Policy

a) If you want to cancel order before shipped, we can do a refund. However, it will not be a full refund. We will keep 10% of total order amount as cancellation fee.

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If you choose Parcel Direct Shipping:

For Parcel Direct shipment, If package failed to deliver due to incorrect address, it will be DESTROY at destination. It will NOT return to sender (even if tracking result said so). Thus, we will not refund or reship your order. If you still want the product, please place a new order and make sure you submit a correct and complete shipping address.

Customer Reviews

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The lenses was super comfortable i look like doll when i wear it
Comfort: 5
Design: 5
Naturalness: 4
Enlargement: 5

Wow !

These lenses are super comfy and look really nice. I find the enlargement a bit dramatic, but maybe that's because I already have large irises. However, they do look natural. They look great on darker eye colors. All in all, these lenses are awesome !

My Review

So I recently received these lenses and I really like them. They're very dark and shiny and they definitely enlarge your iris. They are also very comfortable, since I've worn them to school and they didn't give me any problems. I really like these lenses but they are a bit harsh on the eyes and in bright lighting they give me a somewhat alien and soulless look because they are jet black. Even though, I really like them and wear them all the time.

Comfort: 4/5
Boldness/Design: 4/5
Naturalness: 4/5
Enlargement: 5/5

not what i expected.

overall its good.
its just not as big as i thought it would be.
but comfort its like regular color lens.
darkness = awesome. but size its not dramatic at all. It looks like my regular eyes except darker & shinier. If you want an enlargement tyr the 14.7. But if you have really really small eyes these are perfect for you.

makes brown eyes POP

Lovey!!! The change isn't dramatic but is very subtle and natural if you have dark brown eyes. I absolutely love these. I have been wearing these longer than 8 hours and they are totally comfortable. Candylens ROCKS!!! They respond so quickly and their handwritten note adds a very special touch. I am so impressed with Candylens and their employees!!!

★ All Reviews

Let customers speak for us

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Great for Cosplay!!

Covers the natural color of my eye SIGNIFICANTLY. A very pretty color and can be seen if bad and good lighting.

Looks cute! <3

Covers up my natural eye color very well. The fade from my pupil to the purple is very nice as well. These contacts made my eyes look bigger and SO CUTE!!

Very Pigmented

First off, love these contacts! My eyes are a darker brown and these contacts covered them right up. If you are looking for something realistic, this is not the contact for you, as it has black details. They are a tad hard to see without brighter lighting but they are still noticeable. Overall I give these a 9/10. If anyone has questions, DM me on Instagram @l.ittlevalkyrie

Noticeable Red Contacts for Halloween

♥️My most favourite color of Twilight Series : Twilight Red Contact Lens

♦️These photos have been took from indoor and outdoor. All of them can notice the colour easily.

PS. I wore Twilight Purple lens and Red Lens together in the last Picture(Bottom / Right ) So, You can compare them.

Amazing Red Contacts

Невероятно потрясающие линзы, комфорт и цвет просто восхитительны, я думала что они доставят мне дискомфорт, но я проходила на них 12 часов и после чувствовала себя прекрасно, нет покраснения глаз, боли или снижения зрения.