EOS Dolly Eye Green Color Circle Lens
EOS Dolly Eye Green Circle Lens

Dolly Eye Green Circle Lens

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Customer Reviews

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abby haske (Grand Rapids, US)
Instagram: AbbyLynn_Cosplays
Perfect for my cosplay!

I did a casual Starfire cosplay and I needed some bright green lenses, and these were the perfect fit! I have hazel eyes, and they look nice and bright over my natural color still. The lenses looked great and I got nice compliments on the whole look pulled together :)

Otter (Adelaide, AU)
Instagram: Otterspace_cosplay
Perfect colour!

Absolutely perfect colour and comfort with these beautiful green contacts.
Very easy to put in and wear for a long period of time. They stand out a lot in the sunlight.

Cindy Hull (Clarks Summit, US)
Great color!

The green color of these lenses really pop, yet also have a natural look despite their brightness. Would definitely recommend!

Bueno Cosplay
Cosplay Green Lenses

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Kiwi-ish Green Eyes

I finally got some green contacts for my Adrien cosplay so I'm going to give a little review here. Candylens is honestly such a great contacts company to order from, I strongly recommend them any day of the week. I'm.... not a huge fan of these tbh, this looks super green, but I'm shoving my face into bright blue light in order to really bring out the color. Without professional lighting it just doesn't show up well on dark eyes.... and yeah, that's my honest review hahaha

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