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Vassen Shinny Gray

$23.90 $14.90

Vassen Shinny Green

$23.90 $14.90

Vassen Shinny Series

$23.90 $14.90

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Great color!

The green color of these lenses really pop, yet also have a natural look despite their brightness. Would definitely recommend!

Love these lenses!

The color is unique and different, flattering to any fashion statement, yet somehow looks natural and works for any occasion. Definitely recommend!

So cute!

These are really vibrant and make your eyes pop!

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Beautiful lens

I have been ordering these for a few years now and they are just perfect! It seems like an odd color choice at first and you may initially think it will make your eyes look red and vibrant pink. It is not like that at all and looks quite natural. My eyes are dark brown and this lens blends nicely with the pink shade. Very cute color!

💕 ice blue

The are a beautiful lenses similar to my natural eye color but it does an amazing effect with the black corner!