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Instagram Monthly Photo Contest

by Candylens Team 10 Aug 2019 0 Comments

Instagram Circle Lenses Contest


Winners & Prizes 🏆

  • 2 winners will be chosen every month
    • 1 winner with Highest Number of LIKES ❤️ (So please SHARE and encourage your followers to LIKE your post)
    • 1 winner Randomly Pick by us (perhaps you're the lucky star⭐?)

  • Winners will receive one pair of lenses from Candylens. Winners will be announced on Instagram and contacted via Direct Message.

  • For those who didn't win, you still can get $5 store credit 💰 (read below) 


How to participate? (MUST READ)

1️⃣ Follow us on Instagram (make sure your account is Public)

2️⃣ Take a selfie / "eyes only" closed-up. 🤳 (see photo example below)

3️⃣ In the caption, make sure to include following:

  • name of the lenses you're wearing 
  • short review of the lenses
  • hashtag #candylenscontest 

4️⃣ TAG @candylensdotcom in the photo.

5️⃣ Then direct message us your email account (the one you registered at


We will manually check each submission and put $5 store credit into customer account (within 1~2 business days).😊


Photo Requirement:

  1. It must be clear and good quality (not blurry, not distorted)
  2. Either closed up or half body (NO full body please, as we can't see the lens effect properly)
  3. NO Story please, as it will disappear after 24 hours.


Photo Example:

Face only closed-up view, wearing Geo Nudy Gray


Half Body view, wearing Vassen Jewel Gray:




Terms & conditions

  1. Must meet all requirements listed above.
  2. Multiple entries allowed but only one photo per participant will be counted as an entry.
  3. One participant is limited to ONE $5 store credit every month. 
  4. All submitted pictures and reviews will become the property of By entering this contest, participant give permission to use their photos to display on our website and other media to provide better shopping experience.
  5. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
  6. reserve the right to make any changes or stop this program without any prior notice.
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