Geo Xtra Bella Gray Color Contact Lens
Geo Medical Geo Xtra Bella Gray

Geo Xtra Bella Gray

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: wbs-205
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Customer Reviews

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Wearing in WhitePearl Cosplay

I've used this company for years and they've never disappointed. They are one of the only reliable lens companies that I know of that stocks my prescription and has a broad range of prescriptions. These lenses are super comfy and absolutely gorgeous, I wore them all day at Salon Del Manga and had no issues. Dani commented today how amazing they looked on their camera. (Swipe left to see before and after photo!)

Qin Wu

Love it!

beautiful lenses.. wonderful service

i love my lenses.. im a first time customer and couldn't be more pleased. my order came right on time and my lenses matched the complete description. they fit so well and make my dark eyes sparkle! i am definitely ordering more colors

Awesome :3

These lenses are very pretty and enlargening, although the gray really didn't show up in my eyes . Anyway the colour blended very nicely in my dark green eyes and made my eyes look very big. The delivery was very fast, it took only 10 days.
My eyes feel a little dry while wearing these and I have to use moisturizin eye drops, but I guess the problem is in my dry eyes, not in the lenses. Otherwise the lenses are very comfortable.
These lenses can look a bit funny if you wear without make-up, because of the great enlargening and dark colour. But still, they aren't too artificial-looking and when a had these on people kept wondering if I had circle lenses on or just naturally huge eyes.
I would recommend these if you want to have big, dark and dolly looking eyes. c:

Absolutely gorgeous :)

This isn't as big as I hope it would be, but its still very cute. I love the flower pattern on it. I love how its actually gray and not blue. Extremely comfortable. I love it :)

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