EOS Ice Violet - Candylens

EOS Ice Violet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sora (Brampton, CA)
Instagram: Sora_kaur
My favorite lenses of all time!

I literally wear these every single day and have been wearing this specific style for over 8 years. My eyes are bad and I hate wearing glasses (-4.25 and -4.5). People don't notice anything different for my eyes unless they're super close or it's really bright out. Love love love these lenses.

Courtney (Fresno, US)
Instagram: Courtkawaii
EOS Ice Violet

I absolutely love these! They have a natural appearance from afar, and look vibrant up close. I love how they blend even with my brown eyes.

Julia Helton‎
very comfortable and enhance my blue eyes

I love my eos ice violet lenses! Thank you!! xoxo
My natural eye color is dark blue. <3
This is my first time ever wearing contacts and these are so comfortable! I can't even feel them in my eyes.

So comfortable!

I have worn circle lenses by other brands and I got a weird glaze of colour over my eyes, but with these my eyes were completely clear and normal! I forgot I had them in, they were amazing. Know i understand how people can wear them for a long time! I featured them on my blog: www.whittakerfashion.blogspot.se/

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