Prescription Verification

Our number one priority is providing top-notch customer service. As such, we’ve implemented a prescription verification system that is in compliance with the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Law (FCLCA).

How it works?

First, you provide prescription information to us, then we will submit it to your prescriber for verification. Your prescriber has eight-business-hours to respond. If the prescriber does not respond within the required time, the prescription is verified automatically, and we may provide contact lenses to you. 

In order to verify your prescription in the most efficient, convenient way possible, you can either upload your prescription file or fill up the form below.

    Verification request to your Prescriber

    Please provide us with your prescriber's name and contact details eg. email and phone number, and we will directly contact them to verify your prescription as soon as possible.

    As mentioned above, the Contact Lens Rule allows eight business hours response time for the prescribers, and if there is no response after that, the prescription will be automatically verified.

    In addition, a business hour is defined as one hour between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays, in the prescriber's time zone.


    What if i don't have a prescription?

    You can get an online eye exam with a contact lens prescription from the comfort of your own home. The service is offered by Visibly. After you receive the prescription, please send it to us either with the upload form when you place your order or via email (


    Can I purchase contacts online without a prescription?

    No, you cannot legally purchase contacts in the United States without a valid prescription. Do obtain a valid prescription from your eye care professional
    in order to make purchase. We advise an eye test at least every two years to make sure you're wearing the correct prescription as well as to detect early indications of eye conditions.


    I want to purchase non-prescription contacts. Do I still need a prescription?

    Yes, you still need a current, valid prescription to make purchase. Even for contacts that do not correct your vision, a prescription is required from an eye care
    professional as non-prescription contacts are still medical devices and subsequently, they cannot be legally purchased in the United States without a valid prescription.


    How to read your prescription?

     RX Sphere Cylinder Axis Prism
    OD -2.50 -0.75 180
    OS -3.00 -1.00 180


    Looking at your prescription for eyeglasses, you will see two headings labelled

    • OD: Latin oculus dexter, meaning “right eye"
    • OS: Latin oculus sinister, meaning “left eye”

    If you have a heading labelled “OU,” which is Latin for oculus uterque, it pertains to “both eyes.”

    Other headings that your eyeglass prescription may have include

    • SPH (Sphere): The number indicates the diopter (abbreviated as “D") required to correct your vision. The farther it is from 0, the more vision correction you need. A minus sign (-) in front of the number indicates myopia (i.e. you are nearsightedness). A plus sign (+) in front of the number indicates hyperopia (i.e. you are farsightedness). We sell colored contacts that correct only myopia, not hyperopia.
    • CYL (Cylinder): This number indicates the diopter required to correct your astigmatism. It can have a minus (-) or plus (+) sign in front of it. The further it is from 0, the more astigmatism you have. If the cell is blank, it means your doctor has determined you don’t have or don’t need to correct your astigmatism.
    • Axis: This number ranges from 0 to 180 and shows the orientation of your astigmatism corresponding to the curvature of your eye. Please note that Cylinder and Axis numbers must exist together. Sometimes, the Axis value is separated from the Cylinder value by an “x” (especially in handwritten prescriptions).