Royal Candy BT03 Brown Color Contact Lens
Royal Candy Royal Candy BT03 Brown

Royal Candy BT03 Brown

Vendor: Royal Candy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Courtney (Fresno, US)
Instagram: Courtkawaii
Love them!

These were my first pair of circle lenses I have tried and ordered. They feel comfortable on my eyes and the color of this pair is nice and natural if you are looking for that! Perfect enhancement to my natural eye color, I will definitely order these again!

Kalvin Ray Joven
Amazing Natural Brown Lens

Natural Eye Color: Dark brown

Having dark brown eyes already, I wanted to get a pair that looked pretty natural. I came across these and just thought "wow these look amazing" so I decided to get them. And I have to say, they do look amazing and I love them. At 14 mm. in diameter, the enlargement effect is very noticeable. The color really pops making my eyes look lighter than normal but still staying subtle as well, which I really like.

Sadie Manske
Pretty Nice

I bought these for a few different cosplays, and because one of the characters has one brown eye and one pink eye, I thought these would be a nice compliment to the pink ones I bought from this site as well.

Comfort 4/5 : I do have astigmatism in the eye that I wore these brown ones in predominantly, and I was surprised I didn't have much of a problem with these. I do get dry eye as well, but these were breathable enough that I was pretty comfortable.

Color 5/5: I have grayish eyes, so relatively light in color. These are a really nice brown, which is a huge change for me. The color was relatively close to the brown that my characters have.

Enlargement 5/5: The brown is really pulled out and it was a little strange when I looked at my eyes comparatively with the different colors, since the brown looked quite a bit larger.

If you need contacts for a character who has a like a deepish brown (like Erza from Fairy Tail), these are perfect.

Kalvin Ray Joven
Lookin' Good!

These were my first pair buying from Candylens, and my first G&G brand. I have to say, I've had this pair for about a month and I am really loving them. The enlargement effect is very noticeable and the color is really nice. I have dark brown eyes and these make my eyes appear a little lighter so my friends and coworkers did catch that. While others didn't even notice because they are also very natural looking as well.

So if you want a pair that looks natural but also pops out, I highly recommend this pair!

Allison Layne
First impression

I just got mine today and they look so GREAT on my eyes!The enlargement is noticeable ,but not too crazy. I totally recommend these. They are fantastic and extremely comfortable. I especially love the handwritten note I got with the package! ♥

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