Vassen Cloud Nine Pink Color Contact Lens
Vassen Vassen Cloud Nine Pink
Vassen Vassen Cloud Nine Pink
Vassen Vassen Cloud Nine Pink

Vassen Cloud Nine Pink

Vendor: Vassen
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Renna Mira (Lehi, US)
Instagram: @RennaCosplay
Comfortable and Vibrant!

Love these! Opaque enough that the color isn’t affected by the color of your eyes.

lore olympus cosplay

I randomly decided to throw together a Persephone cosplay yesterday. I think it turned out pretty good! I do have pink face paint EVERYWHERE though 😂

MystcArtemis (Newport News, US)
Instagram: MystcArtemis

I was looking for perfect pink contact lense for my Ren Kougyoku (Magi: Kingdom of Magic) cosplay. These were my very first cosplay lenses. When I put them on, they were super comfortable and super pink and match my wig! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THESE CONTACTS THAT I BUY ONE EACH YEAR FOR MY COSPLAY WITH PINK EYES. I have used them for my Lal Mirch, Kouygoku and Rose Quartz. I will use these pinks contacts! They are beautiful pink! I would recommend these contacts !!!!!!

Mina Kirishiki
Pretty =)

Loving my new vassen cloud nine pink contacts!

Allister Natanya Moore
So beautiful!!!!

(on brown eyes)
Comfort: 5/5
Size: 5/5
Color 10/5!

Originally purchased for my Jinx cosplay, I was in love how vibrant these contacts turned out to be! They are just stunning and always noticeable in any and all lighting. Though often mistaken for red in darker settings, they still stick out and look fantastic. Perfect for cosplay or if you just feel like having pink/red eyes one day haha They are the most vibrant lenses I have purchased yet! Not to mention I often forget I have them in they are so comfy. I have to careful not to sleep with them in my eyes x.x
definitely worth the buy

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