Royal Candy Puffy 3 tone Hazel Color Contact Lens
Royal Candy Royal Candy Puffy 3 tone Hazel

Royal Candy Puffy 3 tone Hazel

Vendor: Royal Candy
SKU: Puffy-3T-Hazel
Subtotal: $25.90

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shouldn't Be Called Hazel, they are Brown lenses

I was excited to receive my order in about 3 business days but I felt I received the wrong color for this particular item. When I sent in my complaint about how I would keep them but felt the color I received was wrong--I was asked to take multiple pictures and after the fact they show me the Shinny Brown is actually LIGHTER than the Shinny Hazel. The color is a regular brown color and the pictures are misleading to make it look more hazel or three toned when its only two toned in person. Its not much difference from my natural brown eyes. I will not be ordering from here again.

Prince Robbie

Now, I have blue eyes and for some reason really wanted to try out brown! Pretty much the opposite of most eye color problems. But I gave it a shot. These blend just right! I kind of wish they were a bit darker (maybe should have opted for plain brown) but love them none-the-less. And of course I always intrust CandyLens with all my orders. Thanks!!

Sweet & Gorgeous!!!

I love this lens so much! It is eye popping but not dramatic. The colour blends well with my dark brown eyes and give it a more subtle and its like your eyes are smilling all the time. Try it and you'll love it!!

Sandra H.
Gorgeous Lenses

These lenses look absolutely adorable. They really brighten up dark brown eyes and due to their size grant a gorgeous doll eye effect. They definately catch attention and i got several compliments during day.

After 2 to 3 minutes of blinking more frequently when putting them in they were nice and comfy for about 10 hours straight. Haven't tried them longer so far but i don't think they would give me troubles if i kept them on for longer than that.

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