Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Color Contact Lens
Geo Medical Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens
Geo Medical Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens
Geo Medical Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens

Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: WMM-304
Subtotal: $25.90
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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
V. (McDonough, US)
Instagram: fantazising
great lenses for the most part

i did not buy these from this website, but i did get them and use them for the entire year duration. they were very enlarging and the design showed up well. They began to get uncomfortable and blurry within the 9 month mark but i continued to wear them because i just adored them! they were very beautiful, i’ll most likely buy another pair in the coming months but if you are not used to circle lenses these might be a bit much to get used to.

Chelsea (Honolulu, US)
Instagram: @chelabailey
My daily contacts,

They’re super comfortable and natural they just make my eyes look a little bigger which I love. I wear them on a daily basis to work.

Mau Chacon
Awesome brown contacts

Natural Eye Color: Black
I love this lenses! They're AWESOME! The most comfortable lenses that I have. Also I love how the color of this lenses looks in my eyes.

Djalieza Verhoef
Love it!

Really nice "Bambi" and dolly effect, fantastic and super comfortable

Chanisara Mackay
Sexy and Dolly Look ^_^

- my natural eyes color is brownish black
- first thought that why i decided to buy this lenses, because i saw the picture of Tsubasa wear this and its look really cool. After i got the lenses i could say this is absolutely amazing. It gives a bit of a dolly looking and a bit sexy ? lol. this lenses are 15mm. anyways i love this lenses and it wont hurt. it will be as normal as it can :D thanks

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