Royal Candy Maxiy Barbie Black Color Contact Lens
Royal Candy Royal Candy Maxiy Barbie Black

Royal Candy Maxiy Barbie Black

Vendor: Royal Candy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
caspy cox (Oakland, US)
Instagram: @_beeboo_O
so cute !~

i love them so much ! i love the way it fills out my eyes and i feel like it blends in well with my natural eye color too :) i'm suprised at how long they are lasting me because i wear them on the daily (work, school ect.) because they make me feel cute n match my style :0 !! definitely recommend !

Super Pretty Contacts!

Colour-these are a really dark brown and look super pretty on-5/5

Comfort-These lenses are very comfortable on, I have worn them many times for an entire day without any dryness-5/5

Design-there is a flower design in these-however don't let that put you off as it actually fades very nicely into your natural colour-4/5

Enlargement-At 14.5mm these lenses enlarge your eye's beautifully!-5/5

Overall I love these lenses, I tend to only wear these at night though as they are very dark and glossy, the most typical comment I get on these is that I look like a Vampire... I kinda like that ;)

BIG and BOLD... not always a bad thing!

I'm writing this review due to the fact that Crystal wrote a review giving these lenses a one star.. note BIG AND BOLD ISNT ALWAYS BAD and if you wanted something natural, dont go with a 15mm pair of lens! Duh!


These lenses were the first circle lenses I had ever purchased and they were very big and bold. It took up almost the whole space of my eye and my contact case. I wouldn't ever use these lenses for everyday use or going out in public. I got a lot of concerned comments from people because of the size and color of the lens. I did however, get a lot of use out of them during Halloween before I threw them out. These lenses might be good for people who enjoy the extreme, huge dolly eye effect, but be prepared for what people may say.

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