Royal Candy Hinata White Mesh/Screen Halloween Contacts
Royal Candy Royal Candy Hinata White Mesh/Screen Contacts

عدسات لاصقة بلون أبيض (يوصفة طبية)

Vendor: Royal Candy
SKU: White-Screen
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Customer Reviews

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Ash (Hamburg, DE)
Instagram: @_kasa.cos_
great contacts!!!

im very satisfied with these contacts! you can actually see pretty good with them, it's just a bit milky if you wear both. when i was wearing just one, at some point i forgot it's even in my eye, very comfortable. as you can see, i have green eyes, and they get covered pretty well.

Roel Cole

Good lenses, eyes do not hurt. visibility is certainly not perfect, but in general it's normal. it's been a long time

Jalin (Santa Paula, US)
Great lenses!

A bit hard to see in, but not unexpected since they’re mesh lenses. They worked great and the effect was perfect! They looked very nice.

Vanessa (West Hills, US)

Honestly the comfiest lenses I’ve ever tried on!!! Hands down! They look so cool too!!🖤🖤🖤

Awesome White Contacts

Miss playing DnD so cosplayed my tiefling character 😁 when the bard doesnt do their job so I seduce the enemy instead 😂
#dnd #dndoriginalcharacter #tieflingcosplay #tiefling #demon #cosplay #originalcharacter #rollforseduction #dice #lewd #leather #candylensdotcom #patreoncosplay #kawaii

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