Royal Candy BT03 Gray Color Contact Lens
Royal Candy Royal Candy BT03 Gray

Royal Candy BT03 Gray

Vendor: Royal Candy
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Customer Reviews

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Kao Mor Yang
Love it!

My natural eye color is dark brown.
The first time while i was wearing the eye contacts, it kinda of stings a little bit because i have not been wearing contacts for awhile but afterwards like 2-5 minutes it feels very natural and comfortable. The eye contacts is a gray one and because my eye color is brown it didn't show much of the gray but i still love it.


Eye Color: Dark brown
Enlargement: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5

I always buy 14mm contacts, but for some reason these contacts actually made my eyes look way bigger and I have pretty big eyes for an Asian.
These contacts are very natural, it's a dark gray, unless you are in the sunlight then it will look like the photos above.
I will be wearing these on an everyday basis, since they are so comfortable.

I totally recommend these contacts for someone who is starting out with circle lens or for someone who wants an everyday contacts that gives you that sparkle in your eyes. :)

**Note, if you want gray contacts that stand out on dark brown eyes, these are not for you. I would recommend the GEO Nudy Gray for a stand out gray**

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder (And Everyone Else)

Original eye color: Dark brown
Comfort: 10/10
Enlargement: 10/10

14mm doesn't seem that large, but it made my eyes look rather dolly - without the unnaturalness! For its purpose, these lens enlarge the eye perfectly.

Natural/Dramatic: Natural - 9/10

Ordering from CandyLens is always a pleasure - the products are quality, and so is the service. The thank-you card they include, along with the adorable contact lens case, never fails to make me smile!

I wear these lens every day, and they work with any look I'm going for. I'd definitely recommend these - especially if you're trying circle lens for the first time. They're not shocking, they're comfortable, and generally are a good pair to ease into the idea of circle lens.

Extra Natural

These are SUPER unnoticeable in a great way! it enlarges my eyes without making me look like a bug. you can see a faint amount of grey/brown, but it's not overwhelming at all. it's very cute and nice.

not super comfortable on sunny days, your eyes might feel slightly uncomfortable.

do not go for this if you want something dramatic!


pretty , comfortable , look natural , adorable i love this contact len .

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