Royal Candy BT02 Brown Color Contact Lens
Royal Candy Royal Candy BT02 Brown

Royal Candy BT02 Brown

Vendor: Royal Candy
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Customer Reviews

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Charlene Lee (Toronto, CA)

I thought it was a bit dry and the shape/color is not natural enough


These are my absolute fav, i could wear these everyday. The brown is very natural looking yet striking. These lenses had many people questioning me if it is my real eyes. They strike beautiful yet look natural! I would really recommend these lenses. The quality of candy lens are very good they can last for a year with a good solution! I have been buying from Candy lens for years now. Down side is never buy without checking reviews or photos as some may appear differently on you. But these are very natural looking.

Océane, pour ceux que sa intéresse
Quelques défauts

Sachez que je suis un peu déçus de ces lentilles car elles ne sont pas si "jaunâtre" que sa, i n'y a pas vraiment de couleur c'est presque des lentilles incolore c'est très léger, la lentille me gêne un peu et si je m'endors un peu avec elle me pique pas elle me font une tentation de douleur corporelle très bizarre.. sinon comme mon principe est d'agrandir l'iris sa me convient plutôt bien mais si vous voulez des lentilles jaunâtre comme sa oubliez de suite.

My FAVORITE Brown Lens

I love BT02 Brown!!! I have tried lots of other brown lenses that are 14mm and 14.2mm (all the Geo and some G&G) but I still felt like they were big on me. I only wanted a very very slight enlargement. And this was just perfect. And it is super comfortable and doesn't slide, I could wear it for the whole day. And I also love the fact that it is so natural looking (it looks almost yellow on the model above but really it's just dark brown on my eyes). I have naturally dark brown eyes and these blend very nicely into my eyes. Up close I can see a very nice pattern on the iris but it does not look fake at all. Very natural. Comfortable. Dark brown with a little spark. Subtle enlargement. Exactly what I was looking for.

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