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💕 ice blue

The are a beautiful lenses similar to my natural eye color but it does an amazing effect with the black corner!

Royal Candy Tri Color Violet

★ Loja: @candylensdotcom

Essa é um modelo bem simples e usei pra Mikasa! A lente é bonita mas a cor não é muito pigmentada por ser mais natural. Em compensação o valor das lentes é bem em conta então gostei!

★ Lens from @candylensdotcom
I used this one for Mikasa and it looks very natural! They have lens for a really good price and they are great quality!

#mikasa #attackontitan #lens #contactlenses #purplelens #lentesdecontato #eyes

Instagram: @RennaCosplay
Comfortable and Vibrant!

Love these! Opaque enough that the color isn’t affected by the color of your eyes.

Instagram: @RennaCosplay
Vibrant and comfortable

Love that these are FDA approved and so vibrant! My eyes have a green tint, and sometimes that will cancel out purple lenses. But not with these!

Bella 4 Tone Blue

Cinnamoroll is my favorite Sanrio character, he's so cute and sweet, I love him! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
What is your favorite Sanrio character?💖
These lenses are so cute for Cinnamoroll!