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Honoo Brown Circle Lens

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Note: Remember to soak the lens in solutions for at least 8 hours before wearing!

  1. Wash your hand thoroughly before wearing circle lens
  2. Rinse and dry your hand using a lint - free towel
  3. Put the circle lens on your palm
  4. You have to make sure that the lens is not flipped inside out - The lens is inside out if the edges flare up slightly
  5. Next, place it on your forefinger
  6. By using another hand, pull the edge of your upper and lower eyelid (to reduce blinking)
  7. Look up and place the circle lens on your sclera (white of the eye)
  8. Look downward to reposition the lens
  9. Remove your hand from pulling the edge of your upper and lower eyelid
  10. Close your eyes for a moment
  11. Done!Β 
Friendly Note:
  • After inserting the lens back in your eyes, you have to rinse the case
  • If your eyes get itchy, blur or become red, quickly see your optometrist
  • If circle lens slides under your eyelid or displaced, look in the opposite direction and nudge it with your finger on your lid towards the pupil of your eye

How to Remove Circle Lenses?

  1. Wash your hand thoroughly before removing circle lens, it is better if you use fragrance-free soap
  2. Your circle lens is supposed to be in the centered before removing it.
  3. Pull the edge of your upper and lower eyelid (to reduce blinking)
  4. Squeeze your circle lens gently
  5. Remove the circle lens
  6. Done!


How to store Contact Lens?

  1. Put 3 or 4 drop of multiple purpose solution into lens case
  2. Put the circle lens on the palm of your hand
  3. Drop 2 or 3 of the solution on the lens, it is recommended to rub soft lenses in solution for 20 seconds, this will help removing germs but don't overdo because you might torn the lens.
  4. Place your circle lens into lens case
  5. Later, after you wear the lens, throw away the solution in the case and replace it with fresh solution before your store your lens again
  6. Done!Β 


  • Soak the lens in multi-purpose solutions will disinfect the contact lens
  • Store contact lens case at room temperature
  • Ensure that the caps of lens case is close tightly when not in use
  • Circle lens and lens' case need frequent cleaning to avoid contaminationΒ 

  • Clean every day, even for extended-wear lenses. Remove protein every two weeks.
  • When you feel dry or discomfort while wearing circle lenses, use saline solutions or lubricating eye drops.

Things you can't do:

  • Don't put damaged circle lens in your eyes because this will damage your cornea
  • Don't apply makeup before inserting your circle lens
  • Don't use saline to disinfect and soak your lens
  • Don't allow soaps, cosmetics, etc. to reach with your circle lens
  • Don't mix lens with saliva
  • Don't mix different brand of solution
  • Don't share your lens with other people
  • Don't repeatedly take your lens in and out throughout the day
  • Don't rinse or store circle lens in water (tap or sterile water)


Other FAQ:

Q: Can i soak the lens in saline?

No. Saline is not meant to disinfect circle lens. Saline is just for rinsing. You should soak your circle lens in multi-purpose disinfect solutions eg. Alcon Opti-Free, Clean Clear, Bausch & Lomb, ReNu, Complete, etc. But remember NOT to mix different brand of multi-purpose solutions.


Q: Why my visions become blur when i wear circle lens?

First time wearer might experience blur in vision due to reduced amount of light that enter your eyes. However, you will slowly adapt to the changes after several times of wearing.

Reaction of first time circle lens use include; tearing, redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking and movement of the lens. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses, these symptoms will gradually diminish.

Q: How often should i change the lens case?

It is recommended to change your lens case every 3 months to minize the bacteria infection in the case.

Q: How often should i change the solutions (even if i'm not wearing it everyday) ?

It is recommended to change your solutions every day to avoid germs growing, even if you're not going to wear them every day.

Q: How to get rid of the protein?

First of all, always use multiple purpose solutions to clean and remove protein. Besides, use protein remover tablets eg. Unizyme or Ultrazyme) to remove proteins weekly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I got these pair as a gift. I have naturally darl brown eyes so they were perfect for me. They are super confortable, too! Also, they give a great enlergement. The pictures are not like the lenses really look, they are much darker and more like natural looking lenses.

Gorgeous Pair Ever Seen!

These Look gorgeous!! Tho I'm thinking of buying. They should be a must! I have dark dark brown eyes and I'm hoping this will come wonderful! If anyone had or is shipping these this week, How were they?? Does it give your eyes a honey glow? And Do they look real and sexy? Need Some Gorgeous Doll Kawiian eyes for me and my husband's date tonight;P A 7 Hour Date And After Dinner We dance into the moon! So i'll want to look sexy! But I want somethin close to my eye color !

The most comfortable pair I own

I was hesitant to get these because they were 15mm and I already have fairly large eyes so I didn't need help in that department. However, so many reviews kept raving about the comfort, so I decided to try it out--and I was not disappointed. I wear my contacts minimum 8 hours a day and these go for the longest without drying or irritation. As for the colour, it's great. I already figured the colour wouldn't look as drastically bright as the picture shown above, seeing as it's in an uber-bright setting and all. On my dark brown eyes, it gives me a warm honey-brown colour, and although there is an enlargement, I actually don't mind. The colour is natural, the feel is great, and I seriously recommend this for anyone looking for an escape from their scratchy, drying contacts :)

cute...but not what the picture above shows

I've been purchasing from candy lens for awhile...and this is the first time in long time where i wasn't fully satisfied with my lenses. If you have dark brown eyes, and you want a color change like lighter eyes, these are not the pair for you. Now i thought they'd be somewhat dramatically different like the the above pictures, and sadly they are not. The Dolly Eye Brown really does change your eye color, these unfortunately look the same as my naturally dark brown eyes. Comfort I'd have to say are absolutely amazing! It feels like I'm not wearing anything. My eyes didn't get dry at all. Thats it. Happy circle shopping

Very big!

I love them, they are very comfortable and at times I don't even notice they are on. They make my eyes look much bigger and give it a natural new highlight to my eye. I have dark brown eyes and they look amazing!