Geo Xtra Lotus Brown


Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Water Content: 42%
Life Span: 1 year disposal
What inside: 1 pair of lenses and 1 cute animal lens case

Real Life Customer Photo wearing Geo Xtra Lotus Brown Circle Lens (Photo Credited to Van Do):


**Geo Xtra Lotus Brown Real Life Photo 1

**Geo Xtra Lotus Brown Real Life Photo 2

Replacement Policy (defective product)

Goods received within 7 days are returnable or exchangeable if and only if the product defective. The first day of grace period starts from the day of the products arrived in the hand of customers. The definitions of defects are as follows:

  • Product was torn or broken in SEALED bottle
  • Product was in odd shape in SEALED bottle
  • Product was expired in SEALED bottle

Photo Proof is a MUST

In case of the product torn/broken/expired, customer must take a clear photo of the product as a proof in order to proceed with a replacement. Without a photo, there will be no replacement will be made. Returned defects products will be inspected thoroughly. Replacement/exchange policy is void if the products show any sign of used.  Our guarantee does not cover accidental damage or wear/tear of product cause by customer. 

All replacement lens will be ship by Registered Air Mail or Global Mail only.


Return and Exchange Policy

We can do the exchange for the UNOPENED lenses only and products condition is still re-sellable upon inspection at our side. And also with conditions below:

  • Return shipping cost is borne by customers.
  • Resend shipping cost is also borne by customers.

For the return shipping, you can choose the cheapest shipping method but must "registered" it, so that we can obtain the tracking number. And kindly wrap the lens with bubble paper for protection.

Candylens reserves the rights not to entertain any complaints file after 7 days of grace period. Other than product defection complaints will be handled as per case basis.


Cancellation Policy

a) If you want to cancel order before shipped, we can do a refund. However, it will not be a full refund. We will keep 10% of total order amount as cancellation fee.

b) If you want to cancel an order which already been shipped, we can do a refund. However, it will not be a full refund. We will keep 30% of total order amount as cancellation fee and deduct the shipping & handling fee, then we'll refund the remaining amount to you. You will have to pay for the return shipping cost, and the package need to properly pack and ship with a tracking number. Besides, we'll refund AFTER we received the returned package.


If you choose Parcel Direct Shipping:

For Parcel Direct shipment, If package failed to deliver due to incorrect address, it will be DESTROY at destination. It will NOT return to sender (even if tracking result said so). Thus, we will not refund or reship your order. If you still want the product, please place a new order and make sure you submit a correct and complete shipping address.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I am extremely in love with these lens! The moment I put them on, I was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL >< EVERYONE SHOULD GO AND BUY THESE!!! I haven't worn any of my other lens after I purchased and received these... They're comfortable for wearing out the whole day and night. The color is quite natural but the design is very exquisite! Ah I just love them ♥ ♥ ♥

Super enlarging!

These get noticed! I ordered these and the bella brown lenses as my first 2 pairs of circle lenses and I was verY surprised at what a difference a couple of fractions of a mm makes! I have other 15 mm lenses but these enlarge the most by far. They certainly attract attention! My eyes are dark hazel / brown and these lenses made my eyes appear very dark (almost blackish) from a distance but brownish closer up. You most definitely need make up with these. They are a little less than average in comfort for me as I do better with a smaller base curve. They weren't scratchy or anything, but my eyes tend to tire faster in these than in other lenses so I don't reach for them very often, unfortunately. I would not suggest these as a good lense for a beginner, but if you're experienced with circle lenses and you want big, these are a good choice. Be well! :)


I love these contacts.

The white spots around the edge of the flower design look weird

I have this design in both the green and the brown, and while at first I loved them, and gave the green a 5 star review, I have since kind of changed my mind. The flower design looks really pretty on the contacts, and in theory, but on your actual eyes, the white petals around the edge look weird, almost like your eye is infected or something. Also, the color is only swirled on the contact a little bit, it doesn't color your entire iris, only blotches of it. So these aren't good for making a big change in color, they are more for enhancing your natural color. If they had more actual color and less white and black, these would be great. They are pretty comfortable though as far as contacts go, and of course the dolly eye effect is lovely. I just prefer other designs than this one.

Love them!

These are my first contacts, and I was kind of scared they would itch, or they would annoy me. I was very happy to find how comfortable they are, I barely notice them. They look natural, and match my hazel-brown eyes beautifully. My eyes look much larger, and very doll-like.

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Beautiful lenses!

I love these lenses. They make my eyes look lighter much like a gray but the purple really pops when you get closer! They're pretty comfortable and may dry after long hours of use I'd say 6-8 hrs for me. Great for a night out.

Love them but slight problem

I loved these contacts. I'm actually a repeated buyer. They lighten my dark brown eyes and make them a little big but nothing too exaggerated. I really recommend them if you want a very casual look! You could easily make them look great with dramatic make up as well. My only qualm is that for some reason they seem to expire faster than my other lenses. They actually slight sting my eyes after a certain amount of time after opening :(. They do also get dry from from long use. I love them but it's pretty upsetting .


I love this ❤️ It has a blue shade when you’re under the sun but in general it looks really natural!!

Buenas lentillas

Muy contento con la compra, las compré hace ya un tiempo y siguen funcionando igual. Las cogi con graduación, molestan un poquito al principio pero luego desaparece la molestia.

My every day faves!

I wear these every day and they’re always comfortable and cute!