EOS Max Pure Gray Circle Lens - Candylens
EOS EOS Max Pure Gray Circle Lens

EOS Max Pure Gray Circle Lens

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EOS Max Pure Gray Circle Lens - Candylens

EOS Max Pure Gray Circle Lens

$25.90 $9.90

EOS Max Pure Gray Circle Lens

$25.90 $9.90

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Pretty and Natural Enlargement

It does enlarge your eyes naturally, not alien look and blend well with my eyes (dark brown)

Hanna Yukina
Make my eyes pop!

My Natural iris color> grayish blue
They really make my eyes pop out and make my natural color much darker. Great enlargement! As for comfort I can give them 3\5 but I've got sensitive eyes and this is my first pair of contacts ever, so I think it will take some time till I get use to them, but all in all I'm quite happy with them

James (East Orange, US)
Shine like the night

While these contact do give off a certain shine when it the right setting or angle, If you are a person with dark eyes naturally like myself then its quite hard to see a difference, I noticed because I know I had them on but other people didnt notice at all so great design and they comfortable but for those of us with naturally dark eyes grey might not be the best idea.

Dolly, Eccentric

If you're wanting a dolly eyed, enlarged, UNIQUE look these are for you. Remember these are grey, not brown or green. They darkened my eyes a tad bit, but gave a grey shade (which was pretty) but Im more of a natural kinda gal. Good to wear to a party. but not to work. also the enlargement is always fantastic, EOS never fails.

Great First Lenses!

Comfort: 5/5
These lenses are super comfortable! After a few minutes of wearing them I will forget that I have them in. They feel very light and didn't dry out my eyes at all. Very, very comfortable.

Design: 5/5
The lenses are not pixelated at all. The transition is very smooth and looks very natural. The grey adds a lot of contour to my light blue eyes. It really makes them POP! I love how the black limbal ring blends to the grey center. It looks great.

Enlargement: 5/5
When I ordered these, I didn't expect them to enlarge very much, but they do! My eyes look noticeably bigger wearing the EOS Max Pure Grays. The enlargement is just right--not too big, but noticeably bigger. I love it.

Color: 4.5/5
The grey works just as well on my blue eyes as the brown eyes in the picture. The color blends really well and looks really natural. It does look a little bit darker than I thought, but still looks wonderful. Max Pure Gray lenses can be worn with any eye color and look great!

Customer Service: 5/5
CandyLens was wonderful! I payed for the $15 FedEx shipping and my package came earlier than they said it would. They sent me a really cute grey hippo lens case and a nice little box with circle lens instructions. They were very nice and I will be ordering from them again! Thanks CandyLens!

Overall: 5/5
I would recommend these lenses to anybody who wants a natural-looking color change and enlargement with comfortable lenses.

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