EOS Ice Gray

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SKU: ice-gray
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm / 8.9mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year disposal
What inside: 1 pair of lenses and 1 cute animal lens case

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Sold as Per Pair
Color Gray Color
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.8mm
Replacement Period 12 months
Brand E.O.S.
Diameter 14.8mm
Effect Natural Looking
Prescription Plano - 0.00, -0.00 to -6.00, -0.00 to 8.00, -0.00 to -10.00

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Customer Reviews

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    My Favs
    Review by Paws / (Posted on 12/22/14)
    I think I bought these lens last year along with my Geo three tone series and my EOS Candy brown. And honestly, I never regret any of my EOS lens I've gotten. Btw, I have darkish brown asian eyes, but I do have a double lid.

    They're extremely comfortable, and when I mean "extremely," I mean 9 hours+ (even though you shouldn't wear it past 6-7 but you know, work). I rarely need eye drops and I don't really get the chance to use them except for my one break every 4 or so hours, but even so I usually only need to use drops after 6 hours? I also switch between contact lenses and my glasses every other day but honestly I can go days with wearing these pairs back to back.

    The design actually looks very striking and beautiful but the colour is very natural. You get an gorgeous hallo effect if you look around (especially for people who are short like me looking up). It gives you a nice glassy/icy look and the colour blends in with my own brown. In flash/photography, they're beautiful (its a must wear pair of lens for pictures), in indoor/florescent they look natural. Even up close, they don't look "fake." Only downside about the colour is, even though they're "grey" lens, I'd wear them as my "black" lens. Pigment isn't too strong/noticable, if anything the grey only lightens my brown eyes. You see more black than grey truthfully, but I still love how they look and they look great in any occasion. If you want really grey lens, go with a different pair.

    Enlargement... They do enlarge your eyes, not going to lie. The enlargement effect is more natural than say the EOS Candy brown. It's noticeable but if you want a more dolly/anime enlargement, I'd probably recommend a few dozen other pairs. The enlargement is mostly beneficial to the hallo effect, and I love hallo type lens.

    So overall here's my verdict comparing it to my 14 other pairs I own?:

    Comfort: 4.9/5 (Only because I love NEO lens)
    Design: 5/5
    Colour: 3.75/5
    Enlargement: 4.75/5

    If you want a real idea of what it looks like on, the very first picture is the closest imo.
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    Less visible than expected
    Review by xialian / (Posted on 7/9/14)
    Hello, I received my lenses today and tried them right away.

    Comfort 5/5

    Dryness 3/5 (They dry quickly)

    Color on Dark Borwn eyes 1/5

    On the model they seem really visible and melt with the eye color.

    They melt really well BUT they're not visible You can only see the dark circle the gray is not as bright as the picture.

    There is much less gray than black, I think the picture is not showing the real result of the lenses.

    Enlargement: 5/5 It looks really large and cute

    Overall : 3.5/5 for these

    But the service was really good and quick, I really liked the little card I received along with the lenses, thank you !