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Love it!

Big Dolly Violet Eyes

Natural eye color: brown
i really love this lenses :) this are my first pair and i really love the design and it's enlargement effect is nice it's not small and not big enough unlike any other lenses that you will look like an alien in some angle it looks like blue but i like it so much ❤️

Super Comfy!

Thank You So Much Candylens! <3
+ Geo Xtra Plum Blue +
They are AMAZING! :)
FYI: These are plano (0.00)
-Super Comfy! (:
-Look exactly like the picture! :D
-And Candylens has guaranteed shipping! :3
-First pair and EXTREMELY happy! x)

Sparkle in the sun!

Eye colour:gray
These contacts are awesome I love hoe they sparkle in the sun:D

Honoo Gray

thanks to candylense for those beautifull lenses...