What is AVS Check Failed?

An AVS failure (or Address Verification System failure) occurs when the billing address that the bank has on file for your card does not EXACTLY match the billing address you entered at checkout.

There are 2 parts that can fail: the street address and/or the zip code. Usually the street address is the problem. requires that both fields pass in effort to prevent credit card fraud.  

For Example:

If your credit card statement address is: 123 W Central Place #120

Then these will not work:   

123 W. Central Place #120 (period or dot after W doesn’t match)                                          

123 West Central Place #120

123 W Central Pl #120

123 W Central Place Apt 120

So please make sure the billing address you enter at checkout page EXACTLY match the your credit card (bank) statement address.

Hope to have your kind understanding!